What is the Best Time to Post TikTok Content in 2023?


-By Keerthana

Tiktok is one of the most widely used social media applications to share short videos. Tiktok did not initially have the name it has acquired now. The application was named Douyin. Later in 2018, the application was renamed Tiktok and since then, the application has gained so much attention all over the world.

Tiktok is being used currently by over billions of people to share short videos and also to enjoy viewing videos. It is used by people of all ages and Tiktok never fails to impress people with its user-friendly interface and creative effects. Tiktok is not only used for entertainment purposes but also by influencers, businesses, and startups to get established and to maximize their reach.

What Is The Best Time To Post Tiktok Content In 2023?

2023 is expected to be the year of complete digital transformation where people will be using gadgets for all their needs. Be it shopping or movies, 90% of the population worldwide will adapt to the change. This article will give a gist of the best time to post Tiktok content in 2023.

A survey by our team of social media specialists shows you the best times of the day to post Tiktok content. This has been arrived at after thorough research of the engagement of audiences and the prime hours of the day when the presence of the users is at the maximum. You can also consider increasing your TikTok views to improve your reach.

Days Of The Week Time
Monday 6 am-10 pm
Tuesday 2 am-9 am
Wednesday 7 am-8 am
Thursday 9 am-7 pm
Friday 1 pm-3 pm
Saturday 11 am-8 pm
Sunday 7 am-4 pm


By Occasion

Tiktok videos can be posted at certain occasions that will attract a good level of attention. You can consider posting Tutorials with content such as cake baking, makeup, or decking up your homes. This will increase your audience count and put you in the spotlight. You can also consider to buy real TikTok likes to get established. We have given a few instances where you can effectively create quality content and post it on Tiktok.

  1. Christmas- Christmas is the most exciting time of the year when people take a lot of effort to make their homes look appealing and fresh. This occasion can be used to maximize your reach and gain followers. You can make tutorials on baking, making a Christmas tree, or decking up your homes with lights. This will be one of the best times to post videos.
  2. New year- New year is also one of the best and the most happening times of the year when people dress up and get on the streets to celebrate new beginnings. The new year is also a time when people try their hands at a variety of cuisines. Videos on cooking and shopping or wardrobes can be done and posted at this time of the year.
  3. Ramadan- Ramadan is a special occasion and is celebrated across the world with lots of joy. It is an occasion where sweets, gifts, and cards are exchanged and happiness is spread all over. You can make interesting TikTok content on making gifts and customized handmade greeting cards. Tiktok videos on preparing traditional sweets can also be made.
  4. Valentine’s day- One beautiful occasion where love is celebrated across the entire universe. People show their affection towards their loved ones by gifting each other. You can post ideas about surprising your loved ones on this day. This is one of the best times of year to post Tiktok content.
  5. Diwali- Diwali is celebrated by exchanging sweets and by dressing up traditionally. Usually, the entire home is decorated and lit up. Contents such as preparing sweets will attract attention. Festive shopping TikTok can be done and posted which will give wardrobe ideas for your audience.

Make sure you are active during such festive seasons as people will look for ideas and tutorials. Festive seasons are one of the best times to post Tiktok content in 2023.


Social media applications including Tiktok are going to rule the entire world. It is highly evident from the rate of usage and the level of reach it has gained across the globe. Ensure to show your presence on the platform to gain maximum exposure as 2023 is going to be the year for influencers to businesses to show their creativity and talents on social media platforms.