Choosing a Label Printer that Meets the Specific Needs of Your Warehouse


Warehouses use label printers at a lot of touch points such as receiving and putaway, regulatory compliance, picking and shipping, and inventory control. It is important to pick a TSC desktop warehouse label printer that fits the task at hand. Getting a printer that is not designed to handle a specific task is just a waste of money and resources. The label printer used in the warehouse aisle may not be the right one utilized at the receiving dock. Also, you may not be able to use shipping labels for items stored outdoors or in coolers.

It is Essential to Make the Right Choice

The best printer supplier provides materials for all your label needs. Their solutions can configure and print barcodes for inventory with the required information. If you want to save money on your label printer, pick one that can perform an acceptable job across different tasks. But you need to consider the waste. Using label media for applications beyond its intended use may not adhere to the surface. If you use media that is not designed for your chosen printer, the latter can be damaged, causing downtime. Also, think about the IT technician’s time to handle printer failure. But a lot of label printer options exist and a reliable supplier can help you pick the machine that meets your needs. 

Industrial Label Printers

If you have a busy warehouse, you must invest in industrial barcode label printers because they are designed to withstand the harsh warehouse environments. Find a printer with an all-metal frame, so it has protection against bangs and bumps. Also, industrial printers are designed for high-volume printing in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Ensure you buy a printer that can meet the demands and needs of your warehouse to avoid downtime.

Industrial label printers offer the quality, affordability, and ease you might require. They can come with a space-saving design that ensures they fit easily into even a small space, without causing complications to the operation. With some of these models, the media usually loads from the side and the printhead allows for simple maintenance. 

Mobile Label Printers

When choosing a printer, consider whether you can benefit from mobile printers. These printers allow your pickers to generate labels without going back and forth to a print station. But you must think about the number of orders they could pick with the saved time. 

In addition, the ability to print at the point of a transaction can minimize or eliminate operator labeling errors. Apart from reducing the rate of returns, this potential can cut the cost of fixing mispicked orders.