How To Resize Images or Videos For Pinterest


Pinterest is a platform for aesthetic images but the image should fit in the post, unfortunately, some images won’t fit fully so you have to crop them but it loses its quality and its beauty so there comes the pining,Pining is resizing your image to fit in the platform without losing its quality.Pinterest the size matters a lot because the more optimal the picture the more likable the picture and even the trend and traffic matters too.Unfortunately, there isn’t one size that fits so it depends on the picture you want to upload. You must first resize your image outside of the Pinterest app before uploading the altered image to your post or website because the Pinterest app lacks an internal resizing tool. Do have a look at download pinterest video

Do not worry, kapwing is a resizing website that has the option to resize and optimize pictures and graphics.You can download or use it on your website through your phone or desktop

This is a guide on how to use kapwing resizing option


Go to kapwing rising website and upload the image, you have two options to upload through direct upload or indirect upload but pasting the URL. This website is open to all types of visual media that is gifs, images, or videos.


You will be immediately routed to the picture resizing editor after the image has finished uploading.

Set the canvas size that you wish to adjust to in the Kapwing Studio first.

For Facebook or Twitter, the image size preferable is a 4:5 ratio, and Pinterest images are best viewed between a 600:900 resolution. To specify the exact size for the output, click the “Custom Size” button.


After you have set the image size in the custom size option, check if the image fits, you use white background where you can change the color accordingly to your preference or To enlarge the image larger and fill the entire digital canvas, use the handles in the corners of the image so after you have fit it in according to your preference you can press create.


Click CREATE to proceed with processing your altered image or video once the image conforms to your specifications. The finished file can be saved on your device after you are brought to a download page.

This is the procedure to resize the image according to the preferred size and upload it to Pinterest.