A Guideline to Writing a Good Article for everyone


Select a good title

Always keep the title of your short an article. It should not be such a long sequence of words that a search engine is unlikely to pick up. Even a few single attractive words can sometimes be more effective than a title with multiple words.

Decide the topic for your article or news

You have to choose the best topic that must attract the readers easily. Decide the topic before you start to short articles.

Spread out the information

Do not overload the sentences together in your article. If you bunch a complete lot of information together, readers will lose interest. At the same time, do not go to the other extreme by writing one sentence on every single line at a time, with space between one line and the next. This is where the use of short paragraphs becomes important.

Use punctuations

Commas, full stops, semicolons, etc. are the punctuations have an important role to play in a sentence. Remember, though, not to use them in an extra free manner.

Use capital letters properly

Don’t use the capital letters for entire words. It is as though you are commotion at the reader. A capital letter has its place in a sentence where it needed, specifically at the very beginning.

Use sub-headings and/or bulleted points

A sub-heading can use if you are breaking up your text into different categories. You can also put points in a numbered or bulleted format, such as (1), (2), -, •, etc. That way, if a reader needs to know about a particular feature, he can see it at a single glance and go directly to that part of the text and sentence.

Use keywords

Your text must attract high readership via search engines if you use best keywords and highlight these words in bold. However, note that you should not overdo the keywords in your article. Put only two or three times of keyword in bold for Short news.

Check spellings and grammar

This is the most important part of a short a news. Before you submit your article, you must double-check the spellings, grammar and sentence forming of the text. Here’s how to check:

    • Type your article in a Word document on your computer
    • Go to the starting point of your text
    • Click on ‘Review’ at the top menu bar of your screen
    • Go to Spelling and Grammar in the Tab of the Review Ribbon.