Pros and Cons of NFC Tags


With the constant growth and development of businesses, it is understandable that adopting technology is one of the best ways to address varying needs in a company. One technological innovation that made it mainstream is the use of NFC tags. NFC or Near Field Communication is one tool that provides customers security based on their specific needs. 

Many businesses and private individuals that are into automation and contactless transactions use NFC tags because of their versatility. But of course, some people do see for themselves the pros and cons of using it. If you are on this page to see for yourself, we encourage you to keep reading.

Advantages of NFC Tags

If your concern is leaning toward identity documents and data verification, NFC tags have good security programming that one can use. They can store data and be used as digital business cards or other IDs to confirm a person’s identity in one tap. Whether it’s NFC on door locks, office card passes, kitchen timers, etc., the use of NFC is a sure way to better and more robust security. 

Another good feature of using NFC is how easy it is to use. They are fast and seamless, only needing a tap from one’s phone to another NFC-enabled device.  Setting it up does not use up much time. For Android users, go to your phone’s settings, look for the Share & Connect selection, and tap NFC. On the other hand, iPhone users only need to find the communication setting to activate the NFC.

Disadvantages of NFC Tags

One of the main concerns of companies opting to use NFC tags is their high cost. Individuals who purchase the tags and have them customized to pay the price may be insignificant. For businesses, getting the tags and having NFC-programmed stickers can be a huge undertaking that will require an enormous amount of budget. 

Aside from this, when a company issues its employees with a smart business card, hackers may find a way to exploit its susceptibilities. With NFC becoming popular, tech fraudsters are challenged to create malware or apps to compromise the security that NFC tries to provide. 

Authentication solutions often have their pros and cons. Users who wish to use NFC tags must make informed decisions before purchasing for themselves or their company. Check out this infographic by NFC Tagify to learn more about robust ways for authentication.

Pros and Cons of NFC tags