Incited Journal blog: The Top 10 Reasons We’re Different


From the very beginning, incited has been different. We’re not like other journals that are happy to publish anything and everything. We’re a quality over quantity kind of publication, which is why we only accept the best of the best. And if you’re still not convinced that Incited is the journal for you, read on for the top 10 reasons we’re different. From our rigorous submissions process to our uncompromising standards, we guarantee that you won’t find another journal quite like us.

We don’t post articles that have been published elsewhere

At Incited, we believe in fresh content. That’s why we don’t post articles that have been published elsewhere. We want our readers to be able to come to our site and read something new, something that they can’t find anywhere else.

It’s not just about being first; it’s about being the best. When you read an article on Incited, you can be sure that it’s of the highest quality. We only publish articles that our editors believe are truly insightful and well-written.

So if you’re looking for something new and different, something of the highest quality, then look no further than incited. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

We’re a site for writers, by writers

We’re a site for writers, by writers. We understand the challenges and difficulties that come with writing, because we’ve been there ourselves. We created this site to help writers overcome those obstacles and become better, more confident writers.

We offer unique resources and tools that you won’t find anywhere else. Our goal is to help you become a better writer, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro. We believe that with the right resources and support, anyone can be a great writer.

We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable writers who are available to answer your questions and offer advice. And because we’re a community of writers, we also offer peer support and encouragement.

So if you’re looking for a place to hone your craft, learn from experts, and get support from your fellow writers, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Incited Journal!

We don’t post every article that’s submitted to us

We don’t post every article that’s submitted to us. That would be a waste of our time and yours. We only post the best of the best, the articles that we think will interest and engage our readers.

This is one of the things that makes Incited Journal different from other popular fashion blog. We don’t just post any old thing, we only post high-quality content that we think will be valuable to our readers.

If you’re thinking of submitting an article to us, make sure it’s your best work. We’re only interested in publish

We pay our writers

We believe that our writers should be fairly compensated for their work. That’s why we pay our writers for each and every article they submit. We also offer bonuses and incentives for high-quality articles.

We’re a community, not just a publication

Here at Incited Journal, we see ourselves as a community first and foremost. We’re not just a publication that puts out content and then forgets about our readers. We want to engage with you all and create a space where people can come to learn, share, and grow together.

Here are some of the ways we’re different from other publications out there:

1. We’re active in our community. We participate in events, host meetups, and generally try to be involved in the lives of our readers.

2. We care about our content. All of our articles are carefully researched and written with the intention of providing value to our readers.

3. We’re open to feedback. We want to hear what you have to say, whether it’s positive or negative. We’re constantly trying to improve and evolve based on the feedback we receive from our community.

We hope that you’ll join us on this journey and become part of our growing community!

We’re international

We’re international.

There’s no denying that Incited is a global company. We have team members in over 10 countries, and our customer base is just as diverse. We believe that this diversity is one of our strengths, and it’s something that we’re very proud of.

We’re not just a bunch of people from all over the world working together; we’re a truly international company. We have a deep understanding of the different cultures and markets that we operate in, and we use this knowledge to help us better serve our customers.

We believe that our international perspective gives us a unique advantage, and we’re always looking for ways to further expand our reach.

We’re independent

As an independent journal, we are not beholden to any pharmaceutical company, medical group, or special interest organization. This means that our editorial content is free of any external influence or bias. We are also able to accept advertising from a wide variety of sources, which allows us to keep our journal affordable for readers.