How Facial Recognition As Biometric Verification Can Be Beneficial For Companies

Tech Update

All over the globe, facial recognition is being used. This once-fantasy concept is now part of our daily lives. The most popular use of facial recognition that most common people use in smartphones is to unlock phones and tag friends on Facebook.

Facial recognition can be used in many ways. Companies and businesses have also integrated biometric verification into their facial recognition systems. The global market for facial recognition software reached $3.7 billion in 2020 and is predicted to reach $11 billion by 2026. The advanced facial recognition algorithms cause a growing market volume for identity authentication companies use, such as call center identity verification and many more.

Facial recognition software has improved in recognizing faces even when disguised since the outbreak. Facial recognition technology is becoming more popular, so whether the benefits are worth the investment remains. Here are some benefits of facial identification as biometric verification.

Faster Service

It is possible to provide faster customer service by replacing the existing ID authentication with facial recognition solutions. This technology will allow customers to move to digital-first experiences without needing to be physically present in an area where they can use their services. It is also easier considering the threat of a pandemic.

Improved accessibility

Customers with disabilities and visual impairments can benefit from facial recognition systems. This type of authentication doesn’t require them to fill out lengthy forms or input PINs. This provides them with convenience and robust security.

Customer service better

Facial recognition is a way to provide better services. It can instantly verify the identity of customers using biometric security. This will improve service and reduce friction while establishing digital trust in the company’s services.

Security Measure

AI-based facial recognition systems can identify suspicious behavior, pinpoint criminals or offenders, and ensure safety for both the customer and the company. Facial recognition is more than just a convenience feature. It adds security and convenience to everyday activities like banking, healthcare, and shopping. It will allow secure access to business locations, prevent fraud transactions, and make online services more secure.

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