What are the benefits of using pen spy cam?


Pen spy cam is a camera that looks like an ordinary pen. Pen spy cam is used for home security, business security, to keep an eye on the kids, and many other applications. The camera inside pen spy cam can record video and take high quality photos. The best part is that pens are always with you so you never have to worry about where your camera goes when it’s not in use.

What are the benefits of using pen spy cam?

1. Easy setup and installation

The pen spy cam is so easy to use, you will soon realize you have been spying on your home or business for years. Unlike other types of cameras that take up a lot of space and require an extensive amount of technical knowledge to operate, the pen spy cam is simple enough for even the youngest member of the family to use. Just plug in to a wall outlet and make sure it has power before you start recording. After that, simply enter your password so that you can access your recordings.

2. Superior video quality

Pen spy cam HD video records is up to four times better than standard computer cameras and most cell phone cameras. The video is available in high definition to ensure crystal clear images that give you a more accurate look at the perpetrator of a crime. Pen spy cam also takes photos at high resolutions of up to 5 mega pixels allowing you to share images with friends and family or upload onto your favorite social media sites.

3. Broad compatibility

The wholesale companies that provide pen spy cam are also available for other devices so that you can easily keep up with changing technology. Pen spy cam is compatible with most operating systems, including Windows and Mac OSX, and other popular mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

4. Weapon defense

Pen spy cams are not just for home security, but can also be used as weapons against home intruders. If someone is trying to get into your house and are attacking you with a weapon, then use pen spy cam as a weapon defense system to protect yourself from injury or even death. Pen spy cam allows you to see what these attackers are doing before they see you or your loved ones.

5. Pen spy cams are always with you

This feature makes it impossible for someone to steal your pen spy cam without having any idea what it does or where it goes. This allows you to keep your pen spy cam in plain sight, and not worry about feeling like you are carrying a large and heavy camera on your person.

6. Low cost

Buying from wholesale companies Pen spy cams are not only more affordable, but provide the same reliable quality as their expensive counterparts. This gives you a great deal of savings, and gives you the ability to buy more than one pen spy cam for multiple applications.


Pen spy cam can be a great tool for the home or business. It is simple and easy to use, yet has all of the functions and capabilities of larger, more complex cameras. The pen spy cam allows you to see what is happening at all times so that you can make sure your family or business is safe and secure.