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4 Steps for Making a Mobile-Friendly Site


In this modern-day world, people prefer using the sites that are mobile-responsive, so while stepping into the e-Commerce world, it is essential to make your website mobile-friendly too with being responsive at the desktop. Furthermore, the precise research on creating such a website is worthwhile even though it takes your time because you cannot spend money again and again for that.

Additionally, the growing number of people using their smartphones for browsing the internet has compelled companies considering sites load properly on a smartphone on-the-go for customers. Interestingly, a large number of traffic on the websites come from smartphones, so there is not any kind of scape from creating the top-class mobile-friendly business site. For making things easier, this blog brings some easy-to-follow steps to make the perfect website meeting the needs of mobile users, so dig all the points below and begin in the accurate manner.

1-Create the Responsive Layout

Indeed, the responsive layout makes your website scale its own size for fitting the customer’s smartphone, so be very careful when it comes to this particular phase of building a website for phones. It gets adapted to dozens of screen-sizes with showing related content at the time of altering a design when required like turning into a single column design from a dual-column layout, so you have to be very conscious creating the responsive layout. While being busy to create the website for your smartphone customers, you should also be excited for selecting the right hosting plan and among many options, choose the HostGator that really improves your experience and get you the site benefiting your business in a long run, so visit that while making a use of HostGator promotional code.

2-Think of Optimizing the Speed

Yes, speed makes the major difference when it comes to views and a site getting loaded in a single second possesses a great conversion rate compared to the website of loading in the five seconds, so use every opportunity making your website faster. For evaluating the loading time, you can use various online tools where you just enter the URL of your site and snag the report for free.

3-Consider Compressing Pictures

While adding different images to a website, you shouldn’t forget the process of compressing the images for confining the size of files and boosting the speed of downloads for your customers. Additionally, the compressed images never require huge amount of data and that helps in increasing the speed of a site and on the internet, the tools are many for squeezing all the photos on a site.

4-Consider Using the HTML5

Hey, rather than using Adobe Flash, it is great to opt for the HTML5 keeping you a one step ahead more for making a site smartphone-responsive. Though, the Adobe Flash is the great tool for animation but it get failed on smartphones and the HTML5 makes you do dozens of actions without thinking of using the browser plugins. Moreover, you can consider embedding music and songs while utilizing this HTML5 supported by the smartphone.